Logo and promotional postcard for Chloe Wright, local occupational Therapist in The New Forest. I broke apart the W with a track dividing the two halves to represent a pathway. This identifies with the client's purpose to help her clients grow and reach achievements in their day to day lives. I kept the colours in line with the clinical side of the business, representing health, clarity and cleanliness.
For Chloe's Marketing postcard we kept it looking fresh and clean with lots of white and space, the curving tracks synonymous with the client's name and purpose, the tricky element was how to add visual interest. It was decided that we did not want to use images of people, as the range of challenges for Chloe's clients was too vast and should not be represented visually, but instead, we decided to represent states of the mind. Freedom, pathways, hope and progress. The forest image is The New Forest where Chloe is based.
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